About Adele

Adele lives life simply. She leaves a trail of bobby pins behind her. She'll shimmy across your dance floor. Adele can't get enough of 90's sitcoms on Netflix. She usually ends up on the floor after a Crossfit workout and thinks tuna is the worst. 

My biggest motivation is for you to have fun. Getting your photo taken should never feel like a chore. Whether you naturally love getting your photo taken or not, we are going to have fun together. I want you to able to relive the emotions, the moments, and the personalities within your photograph.

 I try to live life simply.

I bought a 1984 Audi as my first car and wanted to own it till I was 100.

(It died a year later.)

I leave a trail of bobby pins behind me.

My deepest fear is snakes.

I can’t seem to get enough of 90’s sitcoms on Netflix.

I do crossfit, but usually end up on the floor for most of it.

My mom says I give the best hugs.


My biggest motivation is for you to have fun. Getting your photo taken should NEVER feel like a chore. Whether you naturally love the camera or not, I want you to have a good time, and be able to relive the emotions, the moments and the personalities within your photographs.

I think the first time I noticed how happy taking photographs made me was the trip to San Francisco I took with my parents when I was 16. I had a film camera and I couldn’t help myself from taking pictures of everything and everyone. There would be some man down an alley throwing out trash and I wanted to be there capturing it. Even then the raw candid moment was exciting to capture and I wanted more of it. I got home from that trip and started renting out my high school camera every weekend. I would wander around with my friends on the weekend, begging them to let me take their photos. I knew I liked photographing people so when a professional photographer who was a family friend on mine asked if I would be interested in assisting him on a wedding, I jumped at the opportunity.

From the very first wedding I helped photograph I was hooked - I loved weddings. I quickly realized that I enjoyed being around all the fun, love and excitement that a wedding day has to offer! However, since I was a baby in the wedding photography industry I decided to work hard at this new skill before venturing out on my own.

I ended up getting a job at a portrait company that would soon shape not only my photography knowledge but also my ability to work with people. I applied to NAIT in 2011 and didn’t get accepted. At the time I was sad to not make the cut, but I knew I wanted to be a wedding photographer, so I wasn’t going to stop learning!

 I continued to work for a portrait company and assisted on weddings on weekends until I took the leap of faith in 2013 on my own business. Photos by Adele was born and just like a baby I feel in love with it. I have never felt so alive as I have running my own business and being a part of the amazing stories that the couples of Calgary have.  I never thought a career could make me feel so much love and emotion, but I often catch myself with the camera pushed to my face getting lost in the moment, and capturing a piece of that happiness for myself.

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