The Importance of Learning.

When I was seven-years-old my parents took my sisters and I to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a wedding. My parents gave us each a waterproof disposable camera to play with. Now, you have to remember, that this wasn't in the digital age so I wasn't able to see the picture instantly after I had taken it. If I had perhaps I would have moved my fingers out of the way.

I recently stumbled across a few photographs from that trip and decided to share them. I don't want to share them because I think that I was the most talented seven-year-old in the world, although at the time I did think I would become a famous singer, I wanted to post these pictures because they remind me to keep learning.

Just like anything in life you have to really work at photography to get better. I did get lucky and didn't catch my finger in one photograph, the rest were a mess of sticky seven-year-old fingers. So, even though they weren't the greatest pictures, they got me thinking what it is that I want to accomplish with my photography. I really want to welcome new ideas and situations although some may be intimidating. If there is one thing I have learned since I was seven is, photography is so big, broad, and beautiful and I never want to stop learning it.

Not really sure why there was a raccoon chained up????

Not really sure why there was a raccoon chained up????