Photos By Adele: Paula & Fraser's Wedding

A couple of weekends ago, Brendan and I headed out to Banff to photograph our first wedding of 2014! I got the pleasure of meeting Fraser for the first time through Action Crossfit, so when Brendan and I found out we were going to be photographing his wedding, I knew we were in for a treat.

We feel very thrilled to have been a part of Paula and Fraser's wedding, it was a beautiful day and it even had a dance break-out during a toast! The warm atmosphere from this couple and all of their family, made it a true joy to photograph. Thank you Paula and Fraser for having us, you and your family are so wonderful to be around and we look forward to watching your beautiful family grow.

Make sure to check out this link from Brendan Nogue photography for more of a preview from Paula and Fraser's wedding!




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 The best break-out-dance I have ever witnessed!

 The best break-out-dance I have ever witnessed!

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