Photos By Adele: Yelena Portrait Session

The first time that I met Yelena, I crashed into her with my surfboard. I was in Los Cabos, Mexico for a wedding, and a group of us decided to learn surfing for the first time. As you can imagine, my first surfing attempts were atrocious, so when Yelena was in the direct path of my surfboard I ended up smacking right into her.

I am so glad Yelena was okay, and that she didn't end up hating me after that. After spending a beautiful Sunday afternoon photographing this remarkable woman, I am even more thankful that we met. We went to the charming neighbourhood of Inglewood, where we used various coffee shops, pubs, schools and art buildings as backgrounds. We ended the day by incorporating the perfect views of the Calgary tower and Saddledome as backdrops to the photos, which was a sweet reminder of why Calgary is amazing.

Thank you so much Yelena for the wonderful afternoon, and for putting up with our ever-changing climate.  I also promise to keep away from you the next time I try surfing. I hope you enjoy the photos! :)



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