Photos By Adele: 5 Great Wedding Photography Questions

Having a one-eyed machine following your every move on one of the most important days of your life, may sound unnerving to some people. How do you get comfortable enough with your photographer so that you forget that they are even there? This idea has been sitting with me for a while so I decided to share five simple question you can ask during your first meeting when considering a wedding photographer. 

Hope you enjoy!

Adele :)



Why are you a wedding photographer?

Simple enough question, but probably the most important. Why? Why does your photographer choose to photograph weddings? Is wedding photography their main focus? If so, why did they choose wedding photography over different photography genres, or perhaps, in a broader sense, why do they take photographs?


How long have you been a wedding photographer?

I believe that photography is an art, and that we all see the world in different ways. However, with time and practice photography can be crafted to its very best. How long has your photographer been working at their craft? How many weddings has your photographer photographed? These types of questions will further your knowledge on how much experience your photographer has in the wedding industry, so when your wedding day rolls around and something doesn't go as planned, you know that your photographer has your back.


How would you describe your style of photography?

This question is so fantastic! In most cases a photographer's style is what drives their passion for photography. I believe it’s so important to understand what personal style they love and how they will apply that style to your wedding day. During a photography meeting I strongly encourage you to try and imagine yourself in the photographers photographs. Can you see yourself hanging those photographs on your wall and sharing them with your friends?




Can I see photos from an entire wedding?


 A lot of photographers will show you a variety of their best work from different weddings, but it doesn't hurt to see what a full day looks like from one specific wedding. How did the photographer tell the story of that specific couple from start to finish? Did you like the overall look of the wedding? This way when you have your wedding day images, you’ll be confident there will be no surprises.





Do you offer an engagement session?

To some couples an engagement session can seem daunting and unnecessary. However, it is the perfect time to see your photographer in action. Think of it as a test run before your big day. How does the photographer make you feel? Was it an enjoyable experience? Did you like your photos after the engagement session? How long did it take for you to receive your images? These are all really great questions that will leave you feeling awesome about who you chose to capture your wedding.