Photos By Adele: Carly & Colin's Wedding

I knew right from our first encounter in Mexico, that Carly and Colin were awesome. Their fun-loving personalities made all of our meetings, engagement session and their wedding day, so much fun to be a part of.

The wedding was held at Saskatoon Farms - the warm country feel of this venue truly complimented Carly and Colin on their wedding day (I also got a slice of their home made  Saskatoon pie, and I was sold.) The weather was ideal, we had a few sprinkles of rain, but the air was cool and comfortable and made for some awesome clouds. I feel so honored to have  been a part of all the love and excitement shared between Carly, Colin, friends, and family.

Thanks again for having me and here is a little preview of this perfect day - hope you enjoy!


Adele :)


Carly&Colin5634 copy.jpg
Carly&Colin5528 copy.jpg
Carly&Colin5483 copy.jpg
Carly&Colin5660 copy.jpg
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Carly&Colin9061 copy.jpg
Carly&Colin9103 copy.jpg
Carly&Colin8108 copy.jpg

Venue: Saskatoon Farms

Florist: Flowers By Janie

Make-up: Trena Laine

Hair: Stella Chio

Dress: Laura George

Cake: Bliss&Co

Caterer: Saskatoon Farms

Marriage Commissioner: Bruce Adlington