Photos By Adele: Brit & Sam


Remember a couple of days ago when it wasn't snowing?

Up until yesterday I thought we were having a fantastic summer.

Take this photo shoot for instance - we were supposed to have rain the whole evening, but we totally lucked out.

Calgary CAN be awesome sometimes.

This is Brit and Sam - but before each of their moms see this and call all their family members saying "they're engaged!!!" - I'll just clarify that this was more of a couples' session. 

These two are really great friends of mine and a true pleasure to photograph.

They have been together for what seems like forever and are so perfect for each other.

I could go on and on about how awesome they are, but I'll stop before I start to get really mushy :).

- Adele

Brit&Sam6743 copy.jpg
Brit& Sam6981.jpg