Calgary Wedding Photographer: Tips on what to bring on a wedding day

I have wanted to write this to have a resource on my blog for a while now, and since the chilly Calgarian air has me bundled up inside - today seemed perfect. What photographers should bring on a wedding day, besides their camera.

 I wrote this to help other Calgary photographers and for brides, grooms, bridesmaids and groomsmen who want to be prepared for anything on the wedding day. If any small problem arises it can be fixed before it becomes a REAL problem.

I have found all of these items helpful in some form or another so PLEASE if you see something I may have missed, I would love to hear from you, feel free to leave a comment or a private message! :)

So what is in this pencil case and why do I care to write a whole blog post about it? Well before I begin I just wanted to just state that my whole style and workflow is built on simplicity and comfort. I am actually typing this out  and dressed in comfy pants and an old BowValley Bobcats hoodie – GO BOBCATS!

So on a wedding day it is important for everyone including myself to be comfortable and happy!


*Bobby pins – In my household, I usually leave a trail of bobby pins where ever I go and yet when I need JUST ONE, they are never around.

*Moist Towelettes – The flower girl and ring barrier are so cute, but how do they always seem to find peanut butter?

*Some form of breath mint – It is great that your bridesmaids bought you a cute Starbucks coffee that says bride on it but not everything about coffee is cute. Also I bring a full thermos of coffee to drink in car rides and I probably dip into this more then anyone from the wedding.

*Hand Sanitizer  - So many hugs and handshakes! (You wont hurt anyone's feelings if you use some hand sanitizer.)


*Band-Aids.  BAND-AIDS – BAND-AIDS – BAND-AIDS! Shoes can really suck. We have all been there. Also, sometimes the best photographs are off the beaten path. So having comfortable shoes that you can walk around in, is always a GREAT idea! :)

*Bug Repellent – Ah! So handy for summer weddings! I love doing a sunset photo in the grass with the pretty light, but nothing is worst then a buzz kill (see what I did there?) Having and wearing bug repellent is super handy and I will recommend it to anyone having a June or July wedding in Calgary.

*Sunscreen – If you’re like my photo partner Brendan Nogue, sunscreen in a must.

*Tide 2 Go – I actually haven’t lent this one out yet,  but you never know.

*Lighter - Hopefully a wedding day doesn't turn into a lord of the flies situation, but from my experience i would rather carry a lighter for the smokers in the crowd then have to pick one up from the closest 7-11.

*Needles, White thread, Scissors – All very handy to have if something goes hay-wire with the wedding dress.


*Hot Hands & Mittens – Great to have for October - March weddings in Calgary. These are good for both the photographer and the bridal party. Also you can get a  giant Costco pack i for like $20. Which is totally worth having the option to go outside for photographs!

*Food / Snacks – Don’t forget to eat. It is so easy to get caught up in the day’s event that you forget to have something. I usually have a cooler in the front seat of my car and I will shovel a sandwich into my pie-hole while driving between locations. I will be honest with you and say it isn’t graceful and or pretty. But hey - a twelve-hour wedding is a lot of work and requires a lot of energy. So making sure I am putting all my energy into the wedding story is my job. Also for brides and grooms, don’t be shy and take a few moments for yourself, have a snack or your dinner – no one will judge.


*Lastly Water! Water is a great friend on a wedding day so why not have an ample amount of it? I usually bring two liters of water in a reusable container in my car, and a bottle in my camera bag for the bride and groom.

Like I said comfort, and having small items like this are worth carrying around! if I missed anything that you have found awesome on a wedding day, leave me a comment or private message - I would love to hear from you!

- Adele :)