Calgary Wedding Photograpgher: Erin & Zack's Bowmont Engagement Session

A couple of weekends ago Parfait Productions and I wrapped up filming my promotional video, more of that coming to the blog soon! To wrap up
our filming we were looking for one of Calgary’s awesome couples for sunset. Well, the sunset wasn't all we had hoped for, it was a blisteringly
cold April evening, BUT we did get an awesome couple – Erin and Zack!!!

Erin and Zack were troopers! Seriously hats off to them! We walked up and down Bowmont Park, embracing the hills (In flats nonetheless). Even though the weather was chilly, they kept each other warm and smiling the whole time.

Thank you Erin and Zack for being so adventurous, it was such a pleasure to meet you, I wish you all the best in your marriage and a warm sunny wedding day in Hawaii!

Here is a little peek into our session…