Calgary Wedding Photographer: Photos By Adele: Katie & Brett's Carburn Park Engagement Session

Two things that make me love hanging out with Katie and Brett. Number one, they love Friends just as much as I do, and number two Katie has an amazing giggle that fills me to the top with happiness!

We met at Carburn Park for their engagement session  (I should actually stop calling it that because it’s more like a “hang out with a camera session.” And quiet honestly I wouldn’t have it any other way) We decided on Carburn Park because Katie and Brett grew up in Woodbine and both played in Fish Creek Park growing up.  Plus Carburn Park is filled with big climbable trees and a pond that looks stunning in the evening. If you’re looking for a good place for a picnic this summer – check out Carburn Park it’s awesome. 

Here is a little peek into Katie and Brett’s session. Now only three more months till I get to spend all day with them! WAHOO!


- Adele :)