Calgary Wedding Photography: Photos By Adele's Promotional Video

The first time I saw Parfait Productions wedding videos I went down a REAL rabbit hole of video after video. When I think back to that moment, I would like to say I quietly wiped away a single tear saying, “that’s so beautiful,” however it was probably more like a weird awkward sob. I fell in love with their filming style and their personalities.

I wanted to story tell what Photos By Adele is all about –the fun, simple, and beautiful style I try to convey and  I look for in my clients.  So Photos By Adele paired up with Parfait Productions and started on a nine-month journey of planning, filming, emailing, and fun emogies.  Get ready for nine whole months of my face – WAIT DON’T GO! I’M KIDDING! The video is only 2.47 minutes. ;)

We started filming on a beautiful September day for the wedding of Chantel and Alex, and continued into some much cooler months for the engagements session of Antonia and Anthony, and Erin and Zack.  Each couple brought so much adventure, personality, fun and happiness to their session that it truly was an honour to be a part of. Action Crossfit even allowed me to invade their space to show how I like to spend my free time because the video can’t just be 2 minutes of me watching Fresh Prince.

I am beyond in love with the video, the sessions, and the people that I get to have a career with. Thank you to everyone for making this journey so special.

Here’s what Photos By Adele is all about…