Calgary Wedding Photographer: Photos By Adele: I got my photo taken!!!

If you think that being a Wedding Photographer makes you cool as a cucumber when stepping in front of camera – you are wrong! It wasn’t until chatting over coffee with Cole Hofstra, that Brendan and I decided to take the leap and force us in front of the camera…

Now enter Gosia and Rob  (Rogo photography)! The plan was to not really have a plan.  We had it set that Brendan and I would take their photographs and then they would take our photographs, and that was about at much as we had thought out.

So we all climbed into Brendan’s (NEW) Rav 4, picked up a case of beer just before heading out of town and decided to stop when something inspires us. We ended up on the side of the highway between Calgary and Cochrane, it’s funny what you can find beautiful when you are actually looking for it, and I have always had a soft spot for  long country grass. 

I was happy that Gosia and Rob offered to go first because I had just cracked my beer and didn’t quite have my one-beer-Adele-confidence. Besides taking photos of Rob and Gosia was SO MUCH FUN!  They just celebrated their second wedding anniversary, and from my observations are still so happy, playful, and in love with one another!

It was our turn next, and I was nervous! But Gosia and Rob walked us through what they wanted from us, talked to us, and kept us smiling. Making being in front of the camera a less daunting task and more of a fun experience.

 So in conclusion from being in front of the camera, I have learned that it IS SCARY having your photograph taken, but less scary with a professional. It takes time to build trust with your photographer, but once you do it's like a friendship. I like having a photo of Brendan and I to hang on our wall, and having a beer with new friends is always fun too...


- Adele :)