Calgary Wedding Photographer: Photos By Adele: Nose Hill Park Engagement Session

I love Calgary.  We may get forgotten about when compared to the beloved Banff National Park and never get featured in a hit romantic comedy starring Channing Tatum, but this is city is my home, and I am so thankful to be a wedding photographer in Calgary.

Here’s why…

1. Our weather is pretty Kick ass.

Our weather is CRAZY! It can go from Rain to snow to plus 25 in about 15 minutes. Which means you can basically wait out any horrible storm and still get those awesome clouds rolling in…

2. Our Parks

We have SO many amazing parks. Every time I go to Nose Hill I almost get lost. It’s huge and right smack dab in the middle for our city for us to enjoy! Its also not just Nose Hill, there is Fish Creek, Griffith Woods, Edworthy Park, Princess Island Park, Bowness Park, the list goes on and on! I am constantly finding new parts of this city to enjoy!

3. The people

Calgarians are fun, adventurous and caring people. A couple years ago, when our city got flooded, we all came together to gut out our neighbour's basements and offer beds and our homes to those whose homes were damaged.  We all came together and showed that we are a strong community that care about each other and our city.

Here’s a session that wrapped all these things that I love about our city into a two-hour session at Nose Hill Park. Like I said I love this city….